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Experts in Optics

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Experts in Optics

Experts in Optics

Whether it’s working as a scientist, going to school for nursing, or captivating moments through photography, companies rely on good equipment to be able to perform their jobs. The equipment needs to have precise accuracy; resulting in transparent images. Therefore, people want a supplier that they can trust, like Shanghai Optics. Shanghai Optics is one of the leading global photonic suppliers. The company focuses on providing high precision optical components that serve customers in: pharmaceutical, industrial, commercial, and biotechnology.


Designed with You in Mind

If you're company isn't not sure what they're looking for? Then, no problem! Shanghai Optics’ mission is: to become the most trusted source for custom lenses and optical components therefore enhancing the quality of lives. For over 15 years, the company has achieved this by establishing a great reputation with their sales and support team. Explain to the sales representative, what you're looking for and they will advise the best lenses to obtain; while customizing it to fit your needs.


Offered Services with Countless Options

Shanghai Optics believes in giving customers a thorough explanation of services offered. They provide the following designs through reverse engineering, system integration, and custom solutions.



• Optical Design

• Coating Design

• Opto-Mechanical Design


Through these designs, Shanghai Optics creates ten different lens.



• Microscope Objectives

• Projection Lenses

• Fisheye Lenses

• Telecentric Lenses

• SWIR Imaging Lenses

• IR Lenses

• Zoom Lenses

• Beam Expanders

• Collimating Lenses

• F-Theta Lenses


Ready to order, after going over your options? Then simply fill out a detailed order report specifying your lens requirements. After 24 hour, Shanghai Optics will provide a quote for your request. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, companies are able to try the products before receiving the full shipment. In addition, Shanghai Optics offers a 30-day risk free warranty that guarantees 100 percent money back!


Surely, Shanghai Optical supplies a wide range of lenses no matter your industry type. Still need time to decide? Check out their detailed brochure online to fit your optical needs! Click on ir lenses for more details.

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