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An IR Lens into a Whole New World

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How people see the world

Most people think of the world as an objective entity. And to be sure, there is an objective reality out there. But most people aren't quite as aware as they might be that they're forever separated from it. Instead, what people actually see when they look out at the world is sensory data taken in by their eyes. This is about as far away from an objective view of the world as one can get. The human eye really is an amazing thing. But at the same time it's also quite limited. People are lucky, in that their eyes can see into a much wider range than most life on earth is capable of. But there's still a huge amount of the world which remains unseen by the human eye. Looking through a microscope is all the proof one needs of that fact. Looking through a microscope highlights the fact that there's a whole world of life that sits outside people's normal ability to see things. However, it also highlights the ingenuity of humanity. Technology allows people a chance to glimpse these hidden worlds.

A formally hidden world

In fact, showcasing hidden worlds through technology has been elevated to a real art. One example involves the use of IR lenses. IR lenses are a component of IR photography. The photographer uses an IR lens to see into the infrared spectrum of light. This is normally only visible to a few species on earth. The camera and lens are capable of seeing into it though. And as a result the photographer has a chance to capture some amazing views of the world in a way that is sure to shock and impress people. Even better, ir lenses can be had at a very reasonable price these days. This means that almost anyone can get started with IR photography if they're intrigued by the subject.

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