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A Lens Which Offers up a More Artistic View of the World

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Artistry can come down to definition

Art might well be one of the oldest defining traits of humanity. It's quite normal for animals to look at things with curiosity. But it's humans alone, of all life on earth, which finds itself really appreciating the beauty of the world. Humanity appreciates it so much in fact that it often tries to relate to that beauty in different ways. This definition of art might not seem all that out of the ordinary to most people. After all, any museum will usually be filled with attempts to replicate the beauty of the world. Sometimes this comes down to replicating scenes which one might see with an unaided eye. But more advanced artists usually try to concentrate on something a bit more subtle. It might involve attempts to evoke the emotion of a scene rather than a perfect visual reproduction of it. But a new type of artist is arising within the field of photography. These artists use a fairly new tool as their main method of artistic creation. The tools are ir lenses and the field is infrared photography.

Easy entry into an exciting form of visual artistry

IR lenses have been available to the public for some time now. What's changed in recent years is how easy it is to get ahold of them now. An IR lens with custom components used to be a fairly expensive item which would take quite a bit of time to acquire. Today new manufacturing methods have come together with high speed testing and shipping options. This all means that someone can quickly design a custom IR lens online and have it shipped right out to them at a reasonable price. This newfound availability empowers artists with the ability to design the tools of their trade in some new and innovative ways. And in the end it means that new forms of art can blossom as people experiment with new visual systems.

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