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How to Find an Optical Lens Manufacturer you can Actually Afford

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Do you need to get optical lenses manufactured for your company? Have you been paying too much at your normal optical lens manufacturer, and have decided it is now time for a change?

If so, here are a few tips to make sure you not only get a cheaper Optical lens manufacturers, but also find one that can manufacture the lenses you need to the same high standards.

Make sure you know the usual price -- Before you even start looking for a cheap optical lens manufacturer, be sure you are aware of the price you normally pay per lens. That way you have a base price to work with, and then know the price you have to beat to find lenses that are more affordable.

Look at Asian optical lens manufacturers -- One of the best ways to find affordable lenses is to start a search online for Asian companies that manufacture the lenses you require. This includes manufacturers in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and, of course, in China.

Look at a variety of lens companies in a number of countries, and make a note of the ones that have the cheapest lenses.

Check reputations with online reviews -- Once you have a list of Asian manufacturers that seem to make the lenses you need, you should then do another search online for reviews for each company.

Look for recent reviews that talk about the quality of the lenses, the time it took to have them made and shipped, the price per lens and if the lenses arrived and were exactly what the company said they were.

You should be able to narrow down the companies you found from here to just a couple. It is then up to you to decide which one will work best considering the type of lenses you are looking for. 

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